I’ve Chosen My Charity!

I’ve chosen my charity. After sifting through various websites trying to decide between animal welfare, homeless shelters, legal aid to the poor, and addictions, I’ve chosen The Alcoholism Council of New York as my charity for the 2003 Blogathon.

I expect most of my regulars to sponsor me – even if it’s just a few bucks. The way it works:

On July 26/27 I will stay up and blog for 24 hours straight – posting every 30 minutes or so to prove I’m still awake. You can sponsor by the hour or just a flat amount. At the end of the 24 hours, you will receive a notification from Blogathon about where to go to donate your funds online to ACNY. I will be contacting ACNY this week about my participation in the event, which I’m excited about. As I said yesterday, for the past two years I’ve wanted to participate – I’m glad that I’ll be able to this year!

Now we just need to decide on a topic to discuss for 24 hours. Any suggestions?

EDIT: ACNY has informed me that due to state and national regulations, I’m unable to hold a “fundraiser” on their behalf. I don’t think they quite understood how informal this fundraiser is. Anyway, we are going to switch charities since they told me they are unable to participate. We are now going to be blogging for the International Fund for Animals, a group that works worldwide to save animals in danger or distress.


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