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Plateau officially over (it’s been a while since the scale moved with any regularity), and this morning was the first morning I hit the 11 pound mark after shuffling between 9-10 pounds for just over a week. VERY excited.

Now all I need is a Playstation 2 and I’m all set. Ace said he might have one for me, and two ladies on my local mommies forum also have offered to sell me theirs, so I pretty much definitely have one. YAY for Dance Dance Revolution! Denis sent me an article last night about whether dancing can really be done for weight loss. I’m a firm believer that it CAN – it’s the reason I was pretty thin at the height of my raving days (I was 137 at one point, which looks good on me). Of course, my smoking habit probably helped, too. But in any event, knowing that I hate the gym, and walking, and aerobics, and all those other things people do to lose weight, I’m confident that DDR is the ticket for me – I LOVE dancing and would do it for hours at a time if I had the time. And the article said the key to weight loss with DDR is the level of intensity. If you just shuffle your feet around for 30 minutes, it’s no different than walking. But if you REALLY get into it and work hard at it, it can be an effective calorie burner.

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  1. Today at Zuma we saw three adult men literally hanging out at the DDR station. These guys were Professionals at it. But all three were dripping with sweat so I’m guessing once you get into it, it’s definitely a good exercise tool.

    Amy@P2P’s last blog post..So much for an easygoing day

  2. My husband told me once, “You’re not really dancing…you’re just hopping around, right?!” But I don’t care…I really like DDR, especially when the weather is cruddy out. I like that you can plug in your weight every time, after or before you dance around, and it will keep track of that, plus tell you how many calories to burn and how long you’re exercising each time.

  3. Oh, and I keep meaning to recommend the dance pad that is thicker, vs slip-n-slide plastic. The DDR 1″ thick pad is much easier on my heels and knees, plus it’s more quiet, and doesn’t slide around so much. The only downside is that it does cost more than the flat ones, and I don’t seem to find too many used. For me, the extra cost was way worth it. šŸ™‚ Only $48 at Amazon…mine was $100 a couple of years ago. šŸ™‚

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