It’s The Little Things In Life

This morning we had a quick bus ride in to the Port Authority – a nice post-holiday lull. I went outside to stand in line for the bus I take to my office and when I boarded I saw it was a nice new shiny bus with real seats – not the hard plastic seats on most city buses, but plush fabric seats with lots of legroom. I’ve no idea if it was a fluke that we got that bus, but if they are rolling out new buses, then bring it – it’s a dramatic improvement.

In other news – it’s official that Tara and Rob’s baby Grace is the second cutest baby on earth (mine, of course, will be the first cutest). She never cried (except when Denis held her), and had on the sweetest Baby Gap clothes I’ve ever seen. T&R were kind enough to give us their barely-used bassinet as well as some diapers that Grace has already grown out of. The real coup, though, came when Tara announced she was about to throw out the art deco stools they had in their kitchen. I was horrified and told her to sell them – they were in mint condition. “You want them?” she asked. “YES!” I answered quickly. So we brought home three of the stools last night and they’ll be bringing the fourth stool and the bistro table when they come to visit in a few weeks. I told her this was a loaner and that when they buy a house they’ll get them back because they are too nice to just give them away.

But yay for us that we have a cute bistro table for our kitchen with four benches in bold Fiesta colors!

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  1. Janynee forgets to mention how much space the bassinet AND the stools were taking up in our little apartment so actually it was our pleasure that they opened up some space for us! So thank you very much ALSO they bought us chinese food so we HAD to give them something!! We will bring the table and 4th stool soon and baby clothes galore! Little CootieGirl will be so well dressed and very comfy sleeping just like Gracie was and I am sure they are equally cute!!!!

  2. Tara, you need to start your own blog and post pictures of Grace for us. Jaynee will help you set it up I’m sure…

  3. I would love to but I nag Jaynee to post everyday and can you imagine the horror if a week went by without me updating?! I could give it a try maybe when we are at the cootiehouse delivering the table etc they can show me how!!

  4. If I can do it, you can…and it is frustrating when your favorites don’t post, but when they do it’s worth the wait.

    Then there are those like me, who probably post way too much, and whose posts aren’t that interesting to anyone but themselves. *laugh*

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