It’s That Time Again!

Folks, get ready cuz it’s that time again! The first year I cheered for Kelly Clarkson the whole way. Last year I didn’t think I’d get into it, but I ended up getting suckered in and desperate to get Carmen What’s-Her-Name off the show. What will happen this year? Who knows, but I’m so amped for American Idol 3 that I’m practically about to burst.

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It’s That Time Again!

Well, MegaMillions is up to $115 million for Friday’s drawing. And what does that mean?

Time to house hunt!!

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  1. That’s one ugly house. So unlike you. I know you like it because of the pool, but we’ve been members of the Y for six days now and you still haven’t used theirs. *lol* What makes you think we need a pool in the backyard?

  2. There are two reasons I haven’t used the Y: 1) they won’t allow CootieGirl in child care until she’s had her first round of shots, and 2) I needed a new bathing suit. The second reason is really just an “extra” because the child care issue is the main thing. After June 24th I’ll be all over the Y.

  3. I didn’t know about the shots issue. Of course you’re going to tell me you told me at home the other day. *lol* And maybe you did. Between your bad memory and mine, I’m surprised we can hold a conversation.

  4. I wasn’t expecting those expensive homes, but OMG, did you see the property taxes on them? One was $32K! OMG, I would absolutely die.

  5. Denis, yes I did tell you about the shots. Actually, I told you to check my weight loss blog as for the reasons I didn’t go to the gym…

    Trish: what’s $32K in taxes when you’ve won $53M? =)

  6. ROTFL

    You guys crack me up. The funny thing is that I knew that Jaynee was talking about the take home winnings when she referred to the $53M.

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