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We love our new computer, but when we got it we realized that our 10+ year old scanner wouldn’t hook into it. Rather than attempt to continue to use the scanner on the old machine, we opted to get a new printer. Our old printer is still in reasonable shape (although it did spend about a month making a REALLY bad clicking noise a while back) so we’ll keep that as a backup, but for my mystery shopping I HAD to have a scanner.

The new printer is multifunction – printer, scanner, copier, fax. That really opens up a lot of me in the world of freelance since I can truly claim to have a home office now.

Speaking of freelance – I continue to be turned down for the jobs I submitted to. What’s crazy is that the bids I’m losing to are the EXACT SAME AMOUNT as what I bid. So I’m wondering what I’m saying in the proposal that makes someone say, “No, not her – pick this one instead!” I’d like to think my proposals are clear and concise. They are certainly better than some of the open bids that I’ve seen on the website.

I still have six outstanding bids for various jobs. We’ll see if I get chosen for any of them. If not, then I’m out of luck on freelance until April 1, when I’m able to bid again (I used all my March credits). I’m not done with the lifecoach stuff yet – but I’m at the point where I have to wait on HIM before I can do more work. I do my part, send it to him, and then wait again. I am hopeful that the job ends by March 31, though. This way I can go visit my family without the possibility of having to work while we’re there.

Total side note: The kids have been playing on the Wii Fit for the past few hours. Our daughter is NOT coordinated at all. Like – she totally got her rhythm from her dad. The idea of “following the beat” is inconceivable to her. She just can’t do it.

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  1. They are lying to you and are just trying to be nice. Actually, I think CG and CB are perfect mixes of us both. As long as she stays away from the scissors, we’ll be fine.

  2. Legs – it sounds like you knew Denis and me back when we first met at Mr. Showbiz. Email me at cootiehog [at] gmail [dot] com and fill me in!!

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