It’s Oh So Quiet

Wow it’s quiet out there today. I’ve been visiting various blogs on my blogrolls hoping that they’ve been updated, and at least 90% of them have remained unchanged most of the day – mine included.

My company’s phone system is operational again. Turns out my building is so old that the telephony equipment housed in the basement technically shouldn’t even EXIST anymore. Somewhere somehow our connection was cut off – the phone guy jokingly said, “Someone must have tripped over a wire and disconnected you.” It sounds like it’s a complete maze of mass confusion down there. Roaches included for free.

In other news, whereas yesterday sped by, today it is DRAGGING. It’s so boring here today that I went out for lunch just to break the monotony. I went over to OTB to pick up my winnings from Kentucky Derby. My reward upon turning in my ticket? $28.50. Spending money for the remainder of the week. I wanted to go to the post office in the basement of the building but was reminded that it is closed for renovation because there’s tons of asbestos in there that they need to take care of. Makes standing in those long lines even more torturous.

So I have an CootieGirl story. I know we don’t post a lot about her over here since she has her own site, but I thought I’d share this here. Last night around 11 p.m. she woke up in her crib and started fussing. She’s been teething her back molars this past week, so before she could wake up too much I brought her into our room and cuddled her back to sleep. She eventually did fall back to sleep and we just let her sleep with us the whole night. This morning she woke up promptly at 6 a.m., and Denis got her bottle then climbed back in bed with us. CootieGirl finished her bottle and handed it to me, and then plopped her head onto my chest as if to go back to sleep. However, she ended up being in a really playful sweet mood so while Denis tried to rest a bit longer, I kept her occupied (which basically means she was crawling all around the bed and over me). The best part? When she leaned over, threw both arms around my neck and just squeezed. She’s never done that before – she’s never initiated a hug like that before. It totally made my morning.

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