It’s Official!

As of this week I’m on a five-week break from the church band. It’s funny that I’m so excited about it – it’s not like it takes up huge amounts of time (just one night during the week and an extra hour on Sunday mornings). But to know that from now until September 20th I have no after-work plans is like taking the weight off my back.

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  1. As one who was “on” every Sunday for the better part of two years, having your short break will be huge. And you will go back refreshed and reenergized for continuing that ministry when the time comes.

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It’s Official

I’m sick. I got home, took my temp and found it to be 100.4. We took CootieGirl’s when she got home and she’s a healthy 98.0, so we know she’s clear of it right now. I think Denis and I will both stay home tomorrow but drop off CootieGirl at daycare anyway so that she’s not exposed more than she has to be, and we can concentrate on feeling better.

I can’t believe I’m sick. I haven’t been sick in…years.

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  1. Poor things! Bummer that you’ll be home but CootieGirl will still be at daycare. That’s actually not a bad idea considering she’s not showing symptoms. Still, a little sad.

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It’s Official!

It’s official. As of today I’m the Editor for the Buffy The Vampire Slayer topic at Suite 101, an online community where ordinary people search the web for the latest and greatest on the web and let’s others know what’s out there. I’ll focus on Buffy, Angel and Firefly.

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  1. I haven’t mocked in ages. I’ve given up mocking. I finally understand that my mocking doesn’t help improve your taste. Mock Tarts, now that’s another animal.

  2. Mock-ing…Mock…Tarts…

    No more breakfast at the Parker’s…too much mocking from Denis…

  3. Lori, maybe you should just serve us plain white toast for breakfast next time. Unless you serve us milk with that, then we’ll be calling you milk toast for a while. Mock, mock.

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