It’s Official: I’m Sick

So starting Tuesday afternoon I had a sore throat that has steadily gotten worse as the week progressed. last night I got light-headed about 30 minutes after I got home from work. Then around 9 p.m. I started getting chills even though I was under a warm and toasty fleece blanket. Today I have no appetite (note to self: no more egg dishes for lunch delivery. Too rubbery by the time you dig in). I think I can officially call myself sick.

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  1. Poor baby ~ take it easy this weekend. Hope you get lots of TLC and bendy straws.:pray:

  2. Just to set the record straight, there is always something going around. It’s called the common cold. Hope you feel better sweet. You look good so far tonight. Hope you can catch up on a little sleep this weekend. Not much chance of that, but a guy can hope.

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