It’s Official: I’m Insane

So this Saturday is the first Saturday in a while that I would be able to sleep in. We have no small group this week (it normally starts at 10 a.m.). So yeah, I get to sleep in instead of getting up at the crack o’ like I do every other weekend. And what do I do?

I make an 8 a.m HAIR APPOINTMENT.

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  1. You are crazy. Can’t you reschedule for later in the day? You probably should. You realize that you may be able to sleep in one day, but I keep getting up at the crazy of dawn with you too. And on weekends also. I guess that’s just me.

  2. Would that I could. Do you think I would ELECT 8 a.m. as my appointment time? Sadly, it was the only time she had available and I am in desperate need of a haircut. Thus the appointment was made.

  3. She’s desperately in need of a haircut after the one she had four weeks ago. I dunno. I think Rachel is right. I like it the way you’ve been wearing it with less spritz and more flop. But then again, I’m a lover of long flat hair.

  4. “…less spritz and more flop.”

    Double heh. Nuthin’ but love from the hubby.

    You know, I would love to sleep in past 6am on Saturday. Annie-the-dog won’t let me sleep past that time at all. Ever.

  5. And I’d like to sleep right through the night. Cooper gets up between midnight and two a.m. EVERY DAY! No kidding. I’m this close to switching him over to Jane’s side of the bed. My fault, but this dog needs lots of training. When do we have the time?

  6. There’s nothing wrong with starting the day off with a little beauty TLC. Besides, you’ll be done early and you’ll have the rest of your glorious Saturday ahead of you.

  7. It sounds as if Cooper has YOU trained to get up with him every night. Try limiting his water after 6pm, let him go one last time before you go to bed and just say ‘no’ when he wakes you up. He needs to be trained to hold it. He holds it all day when you aren’t there to let him out, right? Hope that helps. šŸ˜‰ Good luck, D.

  8. Marmie, I said the EXACT SAME THING to Denis when he told me he gets up every night to let Cooper out.

    It’s definitely a case of the dog training the man – Cooper never did that when he was on MY side of the bed. He knew better.

    But he also knows Dad is a sucker when it comes everything – after all, Dad also “trained” him to beg for food by giving him treats from the table when we first got him.

  9. If it’s any consolation, Annie begs for a boost up onto the bed pretty much every morning at about 4am. I’ve started putting her on the bed before we go to sleep, but sometime in the night she’s jumping down to go under the bed. =|

  10. It’s not the case of Cooper having to go outside in the middle of the night. It has to do with my mis-training him by giving him a treat to brib him to come back inside the house everytime he went out because he would never come in. I’ve stopped doing that and don’t give him any treats unless he does something really good. Thanks for the words of advice.

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