It’s Official – I’m Employed Again


Well, it’s official. This is the last post about my job hunt, because it’s over. I accepted the position that was offered to me on Friday. I tried to negotiate, but there was nothing to negotiate because they presented their best offer to me on Friday. This company is very much run like a typical government agency – there are specific ratings and ranges for each job description. The offer they gave me was the highest for this particular job.

This means that the job has several negatives about it, such as the fact that I’m already at the salary cap for this position. It’s also not considered a salaried position – so I don’t get paid for days I don’t work. I do get paid time off, but if I use it all before a holiday comes on the calendar, I don’t get paid for the holiday. And holidays that most people are used to, I don’t get – like the day after Thanksgiving, or Memorial Day. I’d have to use my PTO for those days. Those are a few negatives.

But in an effort to be upbeat, I’ll have health benefits again, and I’ll be working for a boss who seems to be fantastic. The kids will be in a great after-school program with some of their friends. My hours will allow me to mostly avoid rush hour (I’ll be getting off work at 4:30 p.m. every day). And did I mention I’ll have health benefits again?

So, after I got laid off I promised I wouldn’t be writing about work anymore, and now that I’ve gotten a job, the same holds true for this new job. I do blog about my freelance, but that’s different.

So YAY me! I’m not a burden to society anymore!

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  1. Amy, I start on Monday. I thought about giving myself an extra week to kind of get stuff done, but there’s never enough time to get stuff done, so I went ahead and went with a quicker start date.

  2. Wonderful! A job is a job …. and at least you have something coming in and YAY for health benefits too of course!

    Who knows, you might be able to move within the company down the road when they realize the awesomness of you!!

    Hugs – M

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