It’s Not That I Don’t Like Them, But…

I try not to use Google for my searches. Is that weird? In any event, it’s the truth – I like using smaller search engines if at all possible and can usually find the information I need pretty quickly even without Google’s help.

One smaller search engine that I think has real potential is PeopleJar, which is a new search engine that kind of operates like social networking. It is a search engine that focuses on finding PEOPLE rather than just general information. For instance, if I want a plumber, then rather than type in a few keywords and finding generic information about plumbers before having to burrow down and try to find an actual local plumber that I can contact, I can do a search at PeopleJar and find plumbers who have specifically created a profile advertising their plumber services. For me, in a small town, this website might not work, but in large cities like NYC and Chicago, this site would be perfect. Speak only Russian and need a ballet teacher in Miami, FL? Do a search with this specifics and BOOM – if a Russian ballet teacher in Miami has created a profile, then you’ve found your teacher.

It’s brilliant and it could totally take off. As I said – I’m in a small town, so I don’t see myself using it with any great success. But you big city people – have at!


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