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No time to talk, folks. This brochure I’m working on? Basically my day on Friday was wasted because they made changes to ALL of the graphics despite my insistence that they be FINAL before I even touch them. And there are a LOT of edits, which means my entire day will be spent working on this document.

I was super-pissed when my boss told me about the graphics changing – so mad that I had to go downstairs and take a walk around the block and calm down. This document was supposed to go to the printer this morning. It’s not going to happen. There are significant changes and the graphics alone will take me at least 4 hours. And then they’ll want to look at it again before sending to the printer. Which means that even if I managed to get this done in the next 6 hours (edits & graphics) we’re looking at 4 p.m. for their review, 5 p.m. for their approval for the printer. Which means this document will NOT get out to the printer in time which means that the brochure will NOT even be started on until tomorrow (as opposed to noon today). Which means that the printer will NOT be able to finish this printing in time for the big event that the guys are going to.

And does this bother me? Not in the least. I was supposed to get this document on May 11 with the final due to the printer by May 18. I didn’t get it the first draft until May 18. So it’s not my fault – I’m working as hard as a can, and as of now I just don’t care anymore.

So if the brochure doesn’t get done, who cares?
If expenses don’t get done today? Who cares?

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  1. Boy, I’ve been there many times before designing web sites. No one understands when you mean lock down, that mean no more changes. Actually, it used to be the same way when I was an editor for our company newsletter as well. They always made major changes on the blues and wondered why we could never meet our deadlines. People are stupid. I love being a realtor. Different problems, but ones I can handle easier. Hope it goes well today.

    Nothing but meat for dinner tonight. LOL

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