It’s Not Fair, I Tell Ya!

This morning Yahoo! Travel kindly informed me that I can fly from Newark to Honolulu for approximately $420 (includes taxes/charges, etc.). And what’s better – I can pick from dates as far ahead as January 2004! I excitedly call Denis, who quickly points out he’d rather go to New Orleans ten more times before heading back to Hawaii for another sunny vacation.

Dejected, I quickly email my sister, who I know is itching to go on vacation, and OFFER TO PAY HER AIRFARE if she wants to go to Hawaii in November before Thanksgiving. She turns me down. SHE TURNS ME DOWN, PEOPLE!

Now I’m just sad. No one will go to Hawaii for dirt cheap with me. So I tell Mare-Bear about the airfare, and within 30 minutes she’s booked with her boyfriend for two weeks in late September. And Hot New Admin is not far behind – calling her own boyfriend to see if he wants to go.


In other news, Yahoo! Travel also announced the following flights from Newark Liberty Airport (dates of availability vary):

Amsterdam, Netherlands $211.00

Anchorage, AK $523.05

Paris, FR – Charles De Gaulle $207.00

Christchurch, New Zealand $1615.00

Dublin, Ireland $247.00

Rome, Italy $285.00

Las Vegas, NV $243.00

Los Angeles, CA $243.00

London, UK – Heathrow $178.00

New Orleans, LA $209.00

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  1. Places on that list I’d like to go in order of preference:

    N’awlins (Mud bugs and Hurricanes. Whoo Hoo!!!)

    London (Only in good weather season)

    L.A. (Come on down. You’re the next contestant on The Price Is Right.)

    Ireland (See London)

    Amsterdam (I liked Amsterdam, but unless we did something we didn’t do last time we were there, I’ve been there, done that — pass.)

    And, a polite no thank you on the rest.

    Sorry to hear about Mare-bear turning you down. Hope this relationship works out with her beau, otherwise, she should regret this decision the rest of her life.

    And I don’t know what’s up with your sister. Has she got a man who she’s booking the Hawaiian vacation with?

  2. Yes, but you offered to pay her way, even though we don’t have the money with the baby coming.

    Disneyworld vs. Hawaii. Is there any thinking required here?

  3. Disney will win every time, Denis. It’s the happiest place on earth!

    Anchorage I could possibly be talked into.

    I have never been even remotely interested in Hawaii. I could not care less about going there…or any beach-y kind of place.

  4. I think we are forgetting about one thing…CootieGirl!!! Hello? I don’t think you will be going on vacation in November…trust me on this one. You guys crack me up.

  5. Tara, I have to admit that I was wondering what she was going to do with a nursing CootieGirl. Assuming, of course, that CootieGirl will still be nursing in November.

  6. Jen, trust me whether she is nursing or not there will be no vacation in November! Unless CootieGirl requests one because in November life will be all about her! A baby changes your life…no truer words have ever been spoken. But I don’t want to give away all the secrets!

    Speaking of babies CootieGirl. baby blog had Ceili by c-section the other night! Welcome Ceili!!!

  7. Glad Tara said “CootieGirl! Hello?” My thoughts exactly – with baby comes no vacation for a while. Welcome to the world of grown-ups. Your first “vacation” may just be coming to Marmie’s for Thanksgiving!

  8. I was wondering the same thing. I keep telling Jane she isn’t going on any vacations for many years to come, but she keeps ignoring me. Why should this be any different from anything else I tell her?

  9. OK, I don’t have any children, so I can live in the fantasy world with Jaynee. Lots of people still have lives after children…they just have good friends and family to babysit children…and they make pumps and formula for children still “nursing”.

  10. Yep – Jane you are welcome in my fantasy world any day of the week – Hawaii here we come babes !!! I’ll fit you in my suitcase fi you want ?!!

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