It’s Nice When Friendship Comes on Instantly

A week or so ago I got an email from an old friend of mine. How old? Well, we’ve known each other since we were toddlers. Well, I was three, and she was four. That’s toddler aged, right? Maybe a bit older? Anyway, she and her family recently moved to Charlotte and she was interested in getting together.

It turned out that our neighborhood pool was opening the very weekend that worked for us, so I invited her over for the day. She came over this morning with her daughter who is close in age to Cootiegirl and Cootieboy. I was worried how they would all interact with each other since these kids didn’t know each other AT ALL and were being forced to spend the day together.

Fortunately, all fears were put to rest when our guests walked in the house. After a brief introduction, CG and CF (CootieFriend?) headed upstairs and immediately got down to business with the Barbies and the jumping on the bed and all that. Just as we were about to head to the pool after lunch, I got a phone call from one of CG’s friends asking for a playdate. I told her we were going to the pool and she was welcome to come along. This was another fear – wondering if CG’s new friendship would be doused with the addition of another friend.

Fortunately, once again, all fears were put to rest as all four kids had a great time in the very very unheated pool. It may have been 80 degrees outside, but that pool water was definitely lower than that! They all played very well together and no child was left out or made to feel excluded. I thought that was fantastic and at some point thought to myself, “I wish adults could become friends so easily sometimes.”

In any event, during this time of childhood friendship making, Kelly (my few longtime readers may recognize kellybf as an occasional commenter on the site) and I spent the hours reconnecting, catching up on 15 years during which we haven’t seen each other. What’s funny is I asked if she had come to our wedding, and she said no, she didn’t think so. But then a while later she was looking at the framed scroll we have in our living room and found her signature – proof that she was there just like I had thought! *lol*

All in all it was a GREAT afternoon and my kids are looking forward to the second playdate, which Kelly will be hosting at their place in Charlotte. And I invited them back for a pool date later in the summer when the water will actually be WARM.

The cool part of the day was the sun dog in the sky. At the pool my pal Joyce was there and she asked if I saw the rainbow around the sun – I thought she was joking, so I didn’t look up. Then someone else mentioned it, so I DID look up – and sure enough – there was a rainbow around the sun!

Who knew this was called "sun dog?"
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  1. Hey, that was a fun read! :)Glad to know about the sun dog. CF and I are definitely looking forward to our next playdate.

  2. How wonderful! Delighted that you were able to reconnect. Kelly, if you see this, we heard about your dad and are praying for him. Give our love to your folks!

  3. Jen, I would love that!

    Thanks for the prayers, marmie. I’ll pass on the love. 🙂

    Jaynee, I remembered something about your wedding. Jesse was sitting on my lap and pulled on my necklace, old beads that had been my great-aunt’s. The string broke and Jeff and I had to gather all the beads. I had forgotten that too!

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