It’s Next Week!

Next week is the week that CootieGirl will be registered for kindergarten. KINDERGARTEN! Time has FLOWN BY since the time she was a little babe in my arms that I resented for all that post-labor pain and suffering. Aw, but the resentment is long gone and my precious baby girl (who is still precious but no longer a baby) is going to entering SCHOOL in the fall. And we register for that next week.

I’m confident about her school (the name of which will not be mentioned here for privacy’s sake) – I know it’ll be great as the entire school district is outstanding (it’s one reason why we moved here). I hope she makes friends. I hope she likes her teacher. I hope she likes riding the school bus. I hope she loves the learning. I hope she continues to be the awesomely wonderful girl that she is now. I hope she stays safe.

In other CootieGirl news, we stopped giving special attention to her potty issue, and it resolved itself. She has been CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN for a couple weeks now – maybe a few minor issues, but nothing like we were experiencing before. So YAY for that answer to prayer! I’m even loath to mention it to HER for fear of a setback.

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