It’s Like Riding A Bike…

This morning as I lay in bed, not wanting to wake up, CB brought in the book we’re using to teach him to read. We haven’t used the book in a few months – he got burned out and didn’t feel like reading it anymore, so we stopped. But this morning he brought the book to me and began reading some words.

“Mama, where did I stop before?”

I flipped forward in the book by about 60 pages to where we last did a lesson. He immediately started reading the words – barely struggling. It had been so long since we read in the book that I figured we’d need to go back 4-5 lessons to remind him of things, but no – he picked right up where we left off, reading words like “started” and “leave” and “very” and “near” with only slight hesitation as he correctly sounded out the words.

He’s gonna kill it in kindergarten. Seriously – he’s going to be so far ahead of his school chums that he may end up being REALLY bored during the reading part of class.

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  1. I’m trying to get a handle on what would be appropriate for his upcoming B-day.What was the book? What else does he like to read ?

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