It’s Like Amityville Over Here

I got home and found half a dozen houseflies buzzing around our living room bay window. Denis got home a few moments later and within the next five minutes killed about two or three dozen. That’s disgusting. They weren’t here this morning (or if they were, they are late sleepers). I just went online to research houseflies (the most important things I needed to know being 1) their lifespan and 2) how often they breed). Now I’m thoroughly grossed out, because I found out that:

1) they live for a month

2) a female fly lays up to 120 eggs

3) twelve days later they hatch

So let’s see…twelve days ago it was June 28. I was home for the day working in the garden. And kept coming in and out because it was so flippin’ hot that I needed to take a break every thirty minutes. Which means I probably let in some Mama Fly that proceeded to use my house as a birthing room.

I’m tempted to bug bomb the house – but where on earth can two humans, four tempermental cats and one spastic dog go for an afternoon while the place fumigates?

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  1. I am very concerned for you Jaynee. Doing research on house flies on a day off??!! Please tell me you didn’t spend much time on it! hehe

  2. Unfortunately, Steve, the research was upon arriving home from work last night. The inadvertant admission of the reproducing flies into our house apparently happened on my day off back at the end of June.

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