It’s Getting Better All the Time

I feel more human today. I was able to get out of the bed and spent 4-5 hours walking around and getting myself cleaned up. (Editor’s note: I don’t believe Jaynee means she spent four or five hours actually walking around, just that she was up and about for a four-hour stretch.) Had lots o’ visitors — family as well as Mary and Sully. I also got all the meds out of my system and that helped.

I want to thank everyone for the numerous well wishes. Denis has been faithfully printing and bringing me all your kind words!!

Now let’s send our happy thoughts to Fluid Pudding, who I believe is in labor with a whopping 10-lb. baby! Good luck, Ang!

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  1. I can’t get over how adorable CootieGirl is!

    Thanks for the well wishes! Still no labor for me… I believe our little chubby girl has a case of the Cinderella Complex! (Or, perhaps it’s one of those “Chubby Baby Two-by-four, can’t get through my cervix door” issues…)

    I’m so excited for you guys!

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