It’s Coming Together

Slowly but surely our living room is coming together. Today I ordered the rug that will go on our living room floor after the hardwood floors have been refinished in November. It’s the taupe rug in the picture.

We’re redoing the floors in a nice red mahogany, so this lighter area rug will really show off the floors nicely. The rug should be delivered in 5-7 weeks. It’s just so nice to think that by Thanksgiving our living room will actually be a room that goes together. For so long we had a mish-mash of stuff that didn’t go together (we’ve been together six years and in that time have gone through FOUR sofas – first a black one that came from my single days and had seen much better days, then a green/white jennifer convertible I got from a co-worker, then my mom’s teal/white check sofa, and finally our brand spanking new sofas from a couple weeks ago).

Once this room gets done – complete with valances, new floors, creamy rug and paint on the walls it’ll be a respectable ADULT living room, instead of the “straight out of college” look that it had for all those years.

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  1. That was the original plan, but then the floor guy said he needed two weekdays to do both rooms, and it just worked out better for us to have them done when CootieGirl and I go to North Carolina in November (I leave on a Thursday, so the floors can be done that Thursday and Friday). This way I can take Cooper to VA to stay at my mom’s that weekend and he’ll be out of the way while the floors get redone.

    But yes, the ORIGINAL plan many moons ago was to have them done while I was in VA. This was before we found out it would take two days, and not weekend days.

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