It’s Christmastime, Y’all! Yes, I Know Thanksgiving is Tomorrow.

For the past four weeks I’ve wanted to decorate the house for Christmas. I’ve held back as long as I could, and this past weekend we finally put up the decorations. I couldn’t wait for Thanksgiving. I think the day after Halloween I was ready to put up the tree.

In the end, I managed to hold off until Sunday afternoon after church. And so as of now I’m officially in the Christmas spirit, although I’ve secretly been playing Christmas music since November 1. Now I can let it play all the time though.

The house looks good. We’re waiting to put up the outside decorations until Friday when Denis is home from work. We only decorated the INSIDE of the house on Sunday. I’m not THAT crazy that I was going to put our lighted elephant, penguins and giraffe (that one is new!) before Thanksgiving. I’m crazy, but my neighbors don’t need to know how much. *lol*

Decorating the house this year made me dream of possibly decorating the new house next year. I’d hang a stocking going up our stair banister and wonder where we’d put them next year since we’re building a one-story house. We put up the smaller kids’ tree in the TV room and I wondered where we’d put it next year since we’re going with a more open floorplan and won’t have a separate living room and TV room – just one big great room. As we put the boxes away I wondered how to include in the build a very large storage space specific for Christmas decorations so we wouldn’t have to put anything in an outdoor shed like we do now.

All that is to say that I’m really looking forward to Christmas this year, and maybe it’s because of all the promise and excitement that next year possibly holds for the Cootie clan. Because the sooner Christmas gets here, the sooner we can get on to all that 2012 holds in store.

Happy holidays, everyone! One month early. =)

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