It’s Called Grace and Dignity – Try It, You Might Like It

It’s already happening and the election isn’t even over yet. All across the blogosphere, Obama supporters are salivating, rubbing their hands together in orgiastic glee at the idea of gettin’ their man in office.

No, not you. Don’t be paranoid.

Nevertheless, they are no doubt already drafting their posts to be published on the late eve of November 4, bashing all those who chose not follow Obama, squealing in delight over the idea that now, finally, all will be right with the world! Obama is in office! He won! Weeeee….Our taxes will go down (probably not, but keep thinkin that way!), that healthcare will be available for everyone (probably not, but it’s cute that you keep thinking that, too), and that Yes We Can! and Wow Are We Better Than Anyone Right of Center Or What?

Obama seems like a nice guy, a good family man. I don’t discount that. I think his *ideas* are off-base, but you’ll never see me talk negatively about the MAN himself. And yet I read such vitriol from Obama supporters. Slurs and insults abound at most of the left-leaning blogs I read (and I read a LOT of ’em). And yet these same blogs are so self-righteous when discussing the insults being thrown about by Nobama folks. Like they would NEVER do that and how AWFUL that those Bible-thumping, backwards living, probably-sleeping-with-their-sister McCain supporters are quick to call names.

Such condescension. Such boorishness. So tacky. Undignified. Is THIS what Obama stands for? Is THIS the CHANGE he constantly talks about? Because if it is, I want no part of it.

My hope is that come November 5, 2008 instead of cries of cheating, or vote rigging, or who knows what, that we have a clear winner. I hope it’s by a large enough margin that there are NO doubts or calls of stealing elections. I want to know who our winner is come November 5, 2008, so that I can immediately begin praying for that man, and his running mate, and that they seek wisdom for the task ahead of them over the next four years. That they honestly and earnestly try and do what is best for our people for four years. That they seek out people from both sides of the aisle to bring about partisanship. That Congress, rather than refusing to work with the POTUS (see: Congress from 2006-2008) or, conversely, giving in to his every demand, be a true place of checks and balances so that The People come first. Not lobbyists. Not big business. Not oil companies. Not greedy banks.

But the morning after the election, be excited about your candidate winning – whoever that may be – but – PLEASE, I’m begging you – don’t be condescending. Don’t be obnoxious. Don’t say “in your face” and be a graceless winner. Instead, begin praying. Because your man just got elected into a position that is one of the – if not THE – hardest jobs in the world. And he will face difficulty. He will face foreign enemies deliberately seeking to undermine him.

And if your man does NOT make it into the office, be supportive even if it kills you to be so. Get over the defeat and give the new POTUS a chance to show what he’s made of. Give him more than 100 days – give him four years. And when those four years are done, if you feel he didn’t do a good job, vote again in the hopes of putting someone new in the position.

I just needed to say that. Needed to make myself clear. I’ve had enough of the constant barrage of insults and invectives against a man (Bush) that – whether you like him or not – is trying his best at a job that NO ONE can be truly prepared for no matter how long he has served in public life. And I’d appreciate not having to sit through another four (or eight) years of the same thing just because your man didn’t win. No matter which one you are voting for.

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  1. Marmie, just change your email address in the comment field to the one I emailed you about and your avatar will show up from then on. You missed it by one letter. It’s not “email” – it’s “gmail”

  2. EXCELLENT plea, Jaynee! Well said. I am extremely concerned about the meanspiritedness (and I know that ISN’T a word!) of this election. So much anger has been displayed. The reality is that Washington isn’t going to change, but yet hundreds of millions of dollars have been spent to convince us that we will have a brand new day. Not so much. Pray now and without ceasing……

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