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This A-Z poll comes courtesy of Jameses, who got it from Bear’s Cave.

I’ll list only the first few here and you can click through to see all of them.

Animals/Pets: See Photos. Cooper, a Bassett Fauve de Bretagne puppy, 11 months old. Mini-Stinky, a tiny long-haired kitty our neighbors found in a hole in our old apartment building. Fred, a large tortoiseshell short-hair with a mild obsessive personality. Ginger, a gorgeous calico who loves me unconditionally. Stinky, the full-scale version of Mini-Stinky, only meaner.

Best Friend: That’s a tough one. I’ll have to say I have three. My sister, Jen. My pal Gladys, and my other pal Mare-Bear. Okay okay, I’ll throw in Ace too, although I haven’t known him for a full year yet so he has best-friend-in-training status.

Cohabitants: My husband Denis, as well as the four cats and one dog.

Desire(s): Too many to go into. Current ones: to lose another 25 pounds. to go to Mohegan Sun in July and win some cash. to get preggers by the end of the year. to quit working altogether and become a stay-at-home mom.

Eye Colour: Green. And they’ll be blue once I get my contact lenses.

Favourite Food(s): Does chocolate count as FOOD? If not, my favorite meal would be filet mignon medium rare, potatoes au gratin, brussel sprouts w/ bacon, a drink with Malibu Rum, and for dessert some sort of chocolate dish. Mmmm…that’s my dream dinner.

Games: Scrabble. Denis and I play quite often. Cranium is fun. We recently got in to horseshoes which I enjoy as well.

Habit(s): I don’t really have any anymore. Back in my 20s I had several bad habits. Maybe Denis can help by listing out my habits.

Interests: Reading, music, movies, animals, gardening (that’s a new one). I’m typical and slightly boring in that respect.

Kitchen (Wonder or Blunder?): I’m a magnificent baker of pies, cakes, cookies and breads. Making a real meal, on the other hand, is best left to Denis. I can make a hell of an omelette, though.

Lifestyle: To quote Jameses, “I’m a big fan of inertia.” That fits me to a T.

Most Valued Possession (an item/not people or pets): Ugh – I’ve no idea. I’m pretty proud of the fact that Denis and I have a HOUSE – that’s a pretty major possession and took us forever to save up for.

Name (named after): Well the joke of it is that my mom’s arch-rival in high school was named Jane, and my dad is not fond of Jane Fonda for her anti-US actions during the Vietnam War. So why they named me Jane is beyond me.

Outfit You Love: An outfit I used to wear in my rave days. It’s a HUGE blue/grey striped shirt – easily went down to my knees. The pants are a pair of Juncos that I wore so often to parties that they are now baby soft and threadbare. Even though I haven’t worn them in over 5 years, I still have that shirt and those jeans. I don’t see myself EVER getting rid of them because I have such fond memories from that time in my life.

Pizza Toppings: I like man pizzas – all meat toppings. Denis makes a fabulous stuffed pizza that has all the meat fixings in it. Mmmm….

Question Asked To You The Most: “Where’s Keith?” – asked by all my co-workers who come by looking for the man whose office I sit next to.

Relationship/Partner: Married to Denis, the other blogger of

Television Shows: Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel, Alias, The Mole 2, Survivor, ER, King of Queens, Everybody Loves Raymond, Friends, Ed, Changing Rooms, Ground Force, Trading Spaces.

Unsavoury Characteristics: VERY stubborn, always has to be right, hate to apologize if I feel I’m not wrong, a bit untidy, generally lazy.

Video (favourites): West Side Story.

Webpage (favourite – not your own): I go to Buffy Guide every single day, so that has to be my favorite.

Xylophone (or other instrument): I have played piano since I was 7. You do the math (I’m 33 next week)..

Year Born: 1969, Year of the Rooster, I believe.

Zodiac Sign: Gemini.

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