It’s Beginning To Look a Lot Like Christmas

A few weeks ago I posted about how we spent an entire day decorating for Christmas outside the house only to have a few of our lawn ornaments get vandalized less than 24 hours later. I’m happy to report that since installing surveillance cameras AND alerted everyone on our neighborhood’s Facebook page of said cameras, we’ve had no incidences of poor teenage decision-making since then. Yay!

As a result, Denis and I have once again gone crazy with the post-Christmas sales (which are all now pre-Christmas sales) and bought more characters for our front yard. This year (thus far) we’ve added:
1) A dachsund inflatable
2) A triple-ornament inflatable
3) A bald eagle lighted tinsel
4) An ice dancing pig lighted tinsel

In today’s mail we should be receiving:
5) Two toy soldier lighted tinsels
6) A dalmation lighted tinsel
7) A lighted tinsel featuring Santa being pulled in his sleigh by a dog

Not only that, but the planner in me went a little OCD and made a Powerpoint slide laying out all the pieces in a new formation for next year, complete with a couple new general decorating ideas I had for the front yard. Not only that, but I think we’ve decided to go ahead and put lights on the roofline next year as well (we may have to hire professionals for that since Denis is loathe to get on a ladder and get up to the second floor to do that).

But that’s not all – we have other things we’re thinking about doing. Having the security cameras available have made us feel a lot better about going all out with our decorations. Also, we drove around the neighborhood earlier this week and were totally inspired by some of the other houses in our neighborhood – they did a great job and really stepped it up this year compared to past years.

CootieGirl and I have decided it’s our mission in 2015 to try and make a TARDIS lawn ornament for next year – we have 12 months to figure out how to do it, but that’s our goal. There is a 3 foot tall lighted tinsel TARDIS available but the lowest price I’ve found is $94 and Denis has said, “No way!” to spending that much on a 3 foot tall TARDIS. If it was 6 feet tall I’d totally get it!

I also realized in all the hubbub of the vandalism a few weeks ago that I never posted a picture here of the house once it was completed. For all the non-Facebookers, here you go:

Our house, Christmas 2014
Our house, Christmas 2014 – click to view larger version

This was taken before we added the new stuff listed above.

We entered a home decorating contest at our church and while we didn’t win (the winning house can be seen from space it has so much on display – we have a friendly competition with that family every year and their display is so amazing we’ll NEVER catch up), someone made the comment that (based on the picture above) we have room for expansion. With the plan I have for next year, we’ll be taking advantage of the entire front yard instead of huddling everything up near the top. This way everything can be seen more clearly next year.

In any event, today is Christmas Eve which means I want to wish everyone a very Happy Holidays as our family takes the time to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ. We’ll see you on the flipside!

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