It’s All About The Dream Homes

Two things for you, okay well three really. First off, the MegaMillions lottery for tonight’s drawing is $165 million. Having said that here’s my second point: my new dream home that’s close to our area in New Jersey and which I want to buy if we win (if the page doesn’t load properly, just refresh and it should come up ( is having problems today)).

My last point is that even if Denis and I win the lottery, there’s no guarantee we’ll live happily ever after in our said dream home. Don’t believe me? Read this sad tale then. The good news about this house is that I can adopt a lot more cats and dogs and this house is so large that we could all live in it and never see each other. And that pool. *drools* Party at the Cootiehog’s place!

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  1. Almost all dream homes around here in south florida are way too expensive, In Jupiter and Palm Beach Gardens, prices almost doubled in the last few years. Fat chance of middle class retiring here.

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