It’s Africa Hot

So this morning at 8 a.m. I went out to mow the lawn before it got hot. Well, within five minutes I was soaking wet with sweat because the humidity is so high it’s practically raining. It’s insane out there. And that was at 8 a.m.! When I finished I came in and took a shower and even after that I began just sweating sitting in the playroom playing with CootieBoy. So I now have both air conditioners cranked to try and dry/cool it down in this house. It’s miserable.

Denis works a bit this morning and then when he gets home at 1 p.m. I’ll go out and get my manicure (I didn’t get it done yesterday). I will also get another batch of hair dye and try to match my roots to the rest of my hair. I’ll have someone help me with that though, since I only want my roots done and can’t do that very well all by myself (it’s hard to do the back).

CootieBoy is down for his morning nap and CootieGirl is downstairs pestering Denis by climbing all over him while he attempts to pay some bills.

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  1. I hate summers in D.C. The only thing that makes it bearable is reading Greg Iles’ The Quiet Game, set in Natchez, Miss., where this kind of weather is typical through October.

  2. Yours is the third blog I’ve read this morning that’s all about hair coloring – and the really funny thing is, I have an appointment in two hours myself, to have my roots “touched up.” (Euphemism indeed.) What is it with bloggers and hair issues?

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