It’s About Time

I always wondered why they weren’t available, but I’m happy to report that the Smashing Pumpkins music catalog is finally available at Real Rhapsody. When I first signed up with the service last year that was one of the first bands I went to load up on, and RR had NONE of the songs.

As of today they are available and I am so happy! YAY!

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  1. I’m partial to “Siva” because I used to listen to that ALL THE TIME when I first graduated from college in 1991.

    But my all-time favorite is “Tonight Tonight” because it’s just downright gorgeous.

  2. I like the “Tonight, Tonight” music video a lot. My favorite song is “Rocket”, but I really like “Luna”. So, you can tell that “Siamese Dream” may be my favorite album. πŸ˜€ What do you think of Zwan? I know Billy Corgan is in it, but I’ve been reluctant to give the album a listen…

  3. “Luna” is a good song too. As for Zwan, I’m not a fan – they just don’t have the energy and lyricism that Pumpkins could achieve.

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It’s About Time

Thank heavens, America finally voted off Jooo-lia DeMato from American Idol. I was sad to see Rickey in the bottom three since he did infinitely better than Carmen Whats-Her-Name. You could tell Jooo-lia was so relieved to be voted out that she actually sang GREAT during her closing moments of the show.

In other reality tv news, Survivor was great last night – the episode really through me for a loop and despite getting some points in my pool, I still didn’t do that well. Next week’s episode looks to be interesting too.

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  1. I almost missed the end…I was falling asleep and missed pretty much the whole last half hour.

    I was surprised to see Kimberly Caldwell standing there too.

    Corey must be next, imho. I can’t stand him…as a singer. I’m sure he’s a nice enough fella, but I don’t like his voice.

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