It’s a girl! CootieGirl Paige!!!

She made it. After 3 + hours of Jane pushing and being angry at me and everyone else who entered her hospital room, Jane finally delivered CootieGirl Paige to the world via C-section. And I have the video to prove it. She is so adorable.

She weighed in at 8 lbs., 10 oz., 19 inches long. She was born at 2:58 a.m. So whoever had those numbers in the pool, wins. Just kidding.

She has very light, almost strawberry blonde hair, what little she has.

Mom is doing fine. She is in recovery. Jane’s sister and mom finally made it up around midnight.

I still haven’t gone to bed yet, but amazingly, I’m not tired at all.

I had to share the joy with everyone. Can’t wait to post more about today’s events.

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  1. Denis, I can feel your joy coming through the computer screen! I am so very happy for you and Jaynee and baby CootieGirl. I can’t wait to meet her I am sure she is beautiful. Congratulations Mommy and Daddy and Welcome my sweet CootieGirl Paige.

  2. Hi Guys. I have been reading your blog for about 7 months, but tend not to comment. I don’t know why. Maybe I really didn’t have anything to say until now. Congratulations!!! I am so happy for you both, and can’t wait to see those pictures.

  3. yeah! Mazel Tov you guys!

    Denis, please tell Jane that giving birth does not absolve her of writing about AI… Oh wait, maybe it does…. Did she at least get to see Carmen get booted?!?!? Boy, my priorities are very askew….

  4. Yay! My mother will be happy to know that Carmen got the boot, as am I. We had a little TV with us in the car, but couldn’t get good enough reception.

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