It’s a Boy!

CootieBoy Cole was born at 1:12 p.m. today, Thursday, 8/18. He weighed in at 8 lbs., 5 oz., 19 3/4 inches tall. He is healthy and doing very well. And mama is doing great too.

The c-section went off as planned. We got to the hospital around 11 a.m., went up to the birthing floor, where we were pleasantly surprised and greeted by our Pastor Chris. He waited there for over four hours as Jane went through everything she needed to go through. Chris thank you for your prayers and everything you do for us. As well as everyone at our Skyline family.

The doctors were nice and Jane said she felt no pain this time around. Unlike last time when she felt “everything”!

He doesn’t have much hair, but what he has is red like his sister’s hair when she was born. Too funny.

Jane’s mom, dad and sister drove up from Virginia yesterday and joined us for the joyous occasion. Not sure who’s going back to the hospital tonight, but I’ll be there.

CootieGirl got her first look at CootieBoy outside mama’s belly. She’s not sure what to think of it right now. When I said where’s CootieBoy she still lifted her shirt and pointed to her belly. I corrected her. We’ll see how long it takes for her to catch on. She is in the middle of a bad cough and cold so she won’t be getting near the baby any time soon.

You can see more pics at CootieBoy Cole’s own web site

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  1. A BEAUTY!!! We are so happy for the Cootie Family!! He looks like baby O!!! Congratulations!!! ANOTHER Cootie Pie!!!

  2. No private room yet. She is in the bed closest to the window and she had a roomate when she got wheeled in, but that woman seemed to have moved to another room the minute Jaynee got in the room, so as far as I know, no roommate yet. And I’m heading back now. I’ll send my love for everyone.

  3. Congratulations Jane, Denis and a HUGE welcome to CootieBoy – Lots of love, Matt & Mary.

    p.s. We will be out to the hospital on Saturday at some point – Can’t wait to see the new arrival … I’m beginning to feel REALLY broody with all these kiddies *grin* – Must be something in the air

  4. Hello CootieBoy!
    Welcome to the wide world of animals, a big sister and two awesome parents! You are SO adorable with your tuft of strawberry blonde hair. We hope your stay in the hospital will be short and sweet and that your Mommy recovers quickly from the c-section. Daddy is going to try to teach you about baseball one day but just be sure you follow the NY YANKEES — otherwise you’re in for a lifetime of disappointment. We love you already and we look forward to meeting you soon.
    xoxo, M and J

  5. Congratulations Jane & Denis! He’s beautiful just like his big sister. After seeing the pictures my eyes swelled up with tears. Cheers! to you all. Can’t wait to meet little man in person.

    Lots of hugs and kisses.

  6. Well, I found out that there will be no private room for Jaynee. If one isn’t available when you check in, you can’t get one. Too bad. But her roommate is nice. It is the woman who was there when she first checked in. She didn’t leave the room actually. Probably just went to another room because she had about 8 people in the room and wanted to give us some privacy. Anyway, I’m going to see Jaynee in about an hour. I’ll send my love from all of you. And print out your comments for her to read.

  7. Happy Birthday to CootieBoy and Congratulations! He is beautiful, love the red hair!! Glad to hear that everything went well and as planned, hope you’ll have a speedy and restful recovery!

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