It’s 20 Degrees Outside

I thought South Carolina was supposed to be WARM all the time? It’s 20 degrees outside today! Brrrrr….

I have both kids home with me today. CootieGirl has a school holiday today and Monday for a teacher workday and MLK Day, respectively. CootieBoy had the option of going to school today for one last day, but decided to stay home since CG was going to be home. We’ll stop by this afternoon after naptime so he can say goodbye to his friends. At that point I’ll pick up the last of his stuff and turn in our access keys to the building. The facility confirmed that if I’m able to get a job in the next month or so I should have no problem getting the kids back into their care – they have a few spots open in CG’s area and with CB pulling out there are now two spots in his class. With any luck those won’t get filled anytime soon so that we can put them back in if I’m able to get a job.

In other news, I’m attempting to pick up some freelance work. There is a website out there called Elance where you can sign up to do all kinds of freelance work. I signed up many months ago but never pursued it. I’ve only got a basic membership, so I’m only able to submit proposals for three jobs a month (the paid membership is $10/month and you can submit unlimited number of proposals). I’ve submitted three already. One was awarded to someone else, and one is still accepting proposals for another 5-6 days. However, a third one, which is teleconference transcription, may come to something. The person who posted the job emailed me for further details on what the job entails and whether I’m up to the task. I told him I absolutely was, and so I’m hopeful that he awards the job to me. That’ll get my foot in the door at Elance so that more people will award me with work. If I’m able to get a couple jobs under my belt there, I’ll sign up for the $10/month expense to get further exposure and in turn earn more work.

The kids are in the other room watching TV and I’m about to fix some lunch for them. They have behaved together for the most part today – only a couple squabbles here and there.

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  1. If it makes you feel better, we are at 5 degrees. And the heat pump failed. Other than that, it’s all good…

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