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Okay, so I had some things I wanted to discuss.

First up, Silhouette Romance novels. What crap they are. I had forgotten how crappy they are. My sister and I were addicted to these books as teenagers and in college. It got to the point where we could read them in under two hours and we flew through stacks of them each week. I just read a few from 1991 that had been reissued with new covers (I hate when they do that) and boy howdy were they incredibly craptastic. The writing is just infantile and I’ve decided that I am going to write one. Because it seems like anyone can. All you have to do is follow the formula – two people meet, instantly hate each but yet “feel the heat of attraction” despite their enmity. After a time they find a way to kiss (usually during an argument), the heat combusts, and several makeout sessions and melodramatic misunderstandings later they end up admitting their love. If I was writing that stuff in the early 1960s the situation would have the woman as meek/mild secretary to his demanding but gorgeous boss. A la Doris Day and Cary Grant in “That Touch of Mink”. Double ugh (although I love Doris Day movies).

Topic #2 – Leroy Wells. He likes him some crack, don’t he? Woo nelly, I needed subtitles for him just like Simon did. As for AI4 in general, I’ve been a bit bored with the past two episodes of tryouts. Let’s get to Hollywood already, people. I’m over watching miserable singers who think they are talented. Let’s see the actual talent now!

Topic #3 – TAR6. Thinking about Rebecca’s faceplant into the pool still makes me laugh hard.

Topic #4 – The band rehearsal on Tuesday was long. I spoke to my music pastor about that Green Day song and he told me it was being used as an object lesson, not as a worship song. It’s being used to illustrate that the world is telling us we’re alone, when in fact we aren’t and that if we just repair our relationship with God that we’ll never feel lonely again. Something to that effect. Once we were done practicing that song (for an HOUR – playing the same four chords over and over and over again on the keyboard) we moved on to the other songs that we’ve been doing the past few weeks and for some reason it was just horrible. It was as though we hadn’t played them in weeks. Just bad bad bad. Obie was trying to teach the one female singer we have how to sing the harmonies on the song. She was having problems hearing it, so I said to her, “Listen to me, I’ll sing it for you,” so that Obie could sing the melody at the same time. Now I’m not miked since I play the keyboard, but I sang it loud enough for her to hear. The session continued and finally came to an end. I stayed in the practice room chatting up the drummer while the vocalists had a meeting in the main room. I came out a few moments later to hear the woman saying that she didn’t want to sing in the band if she couldn’t sing well, and that she didn’t feel like she could sing harmonies well. She got really upset and as she left she implied that she was done with the band and didn’t want to participate. I felt really bad for her because she has a phenomenal voice (she has sung solos in church and she’s great). As I was getting ready to go, my music pastor said something like, “So Jaynee, we’ll have you start singing next week then. It’ll be just you and me doing vocals from now on.” The conversation continued and it sounds like he and I will be the main vocalists and we’ll occasionally have a third person sit in every once in a while.

The last topic I mentioned yesterday I won’t go into right now because I don’t want to jinx it, but suffice to say that today is a big day of prayer in the Cootie family. The opportunity we have could possibly be life-changing and exciting and wonderful and a much needed answer to prayer. If God decides to have us wait a bit longer, that’s fine too, but this opportunity just seems perfect on the surface.

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