It Was Still a GOOD Weekend

Despite CootieGirl’s on-going illness over the weekend, it was still a fun time to visit with my family and celebrate CootieGirl’s birthday, Denis’ birthday and CootieBoy’s church dedication.

My parents and sister arrived Saturday morning and left this morning. CootieBoy was in great form – smiling and flirting with anyone who would look at him (which was pretty much everyone since CootieGirl wanted nothing to do with anyone other than me or Denis all weekend).

Yesterday was the most depressing birthday party ever. I’m glad it was only my family and Ace/Anthony because if other people had come over it would have made me feel really bad about the lack of happy festivities.

While CootieGirl and CootieBoy were napping we did get in a movie trivia game that Jen brought over – two teams (Jen, me, Dad and Anthony vs. Mom, Ace and Denis). My team won. It was a fun game that involved screaming at the tv.

After the kiddies went to bed we attempted to watch “Napoleon Dynamite” – I told Jen I’d give it another go. And about 30 minutes in we all agreed (except Jen) that it’s a horrible movie and turned if off completely. I’ll admit that certainly LINES from the movie are funny, but that doesn’t make it a funny movie. So there you have it – I gave it another shot and it still sucks.

We all headed to bed early last night – about 10 p.m. Good thing, too, since CootieGirl woke the whole house with her eardrum-shattering screams at about 1:20 a.m. Jen got the worst of it since she shared the room with CootieGirl and CootieBoy – but it was loud enough to wake me up instantly and I ran in there and the screaming eventually stopped. Poor thing still had a 102 fever at that point and wanted to sleep on the floor since it was cooler down there than in her bed.

It was a gift weekend. CootieGirl got a lot of gifts from everyone, Denis got his big birthday gift, and my dad brought me a PDA – a Dell Axim just like Denis’. I’m thrilled since I had been hoping to get one. I wanted to hook it up at work and sync it here, but I don’t have enough ports on the back of my computer (they are all taken with the various equipment I have already), so I’ll take it back home and sync at home instead. That’s too bad – it would have been nicer to sync here since I keep a LOT of stuff on my work desktop.

And there you have it – my weekend in a nutshell. Is it Friday yet?

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  1. Email me. I have BT that should work on the X5. Didn’t know you wanted it, or I would have brought it up there.

  2. It WAS a good weekend ~ we enjoyed out time with the Cooties. Hope CootieGirl is feeling better and that CootieBoy and the rest of us are protected from it. Thanks for having us!

  3. Funny. It was a one-day sickness for O. Hope it’s the same for you, Jen. Feel better. So far, we are all fine. Don’t think any of us caught the bug.

  4. It was a GREAT time hanging out with the family this Sunday. Thanks for having us over.

    Well, its Tuesday and I don’t feel any sickness coming on, so I think it passed over Anthony and I. Of course our contact with CootieGirl was limited. Glad to hear it only lasted one day.

  5. I was the fortunate one who slept in the kids’ room and tried to tend to CootieGirl in the middle of the night on Sunday-Monday. I’ll be all right – I’m better able to fend off illness.

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