It Was a Bit Warm Last Night

So imagine it’s the hottest day of the year (so far) and you are grateful to get home to your nice air-conditioned house. Then imagine that just as your house cools down the power goes out. That was us last night.

Today is the one year anniversary of being in our house. One whole year. It flew by. Last summer we experienced blackouts a few times during the hot summer, but it was chalked up to a faulty power box on the pole and was fixed by the city at the end of August. So this year should have been a piece of cake. Last year our new neighbors swore we were building something nefarious in the basement, thus blowing the power on the block every other night in July. This year he asked me if Denis was running the microwave again. My neighbors had the consolation of dipping into their pool to cool off. My consolation was to sit on the couch and try not to move a single muscle until the power came back on.

Luckily, it was up and running in time for The Mole and American Idol (see review below). But I had my little 5″ tv all loaded up with squeaky fresh batteries in case I needed to call it into action. No stinkin’ power outtage is gonna make me miss my boyfriend Anderson Cooper be all cute and stuff.

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