It Was 28 Years Ago Today

In case you hadn’t heard, today is Elvis Death Day. I’m quivering with excitement at the fact I get to listen to Don & Mike on internet radio today – their Elvis Death Day shows are always fun with lots of Elvis stories both good and bad.

I was a huge fan of Elvis as a kid and yes, I cried when he died. I was only eight, but I lurved him. He was probably my first celebrity crush. I can remember watching “Clambake” and just adoring him. It’s still my favorite Elvis movie, although “Change of Habit” is quite hilarious in it’s attempt to be more “hard-hitting” on social issues (Mary Tyler-Moore co-stars as a nun).

In any case, when we went to Memphis last year Denis and I checked out Graceland and it didn’t disappoint – I loved the white sofa in the living room. What surprised me the most was just how small the house was – maybe it was big for the 1970s, but by today’s McMansion standard it’s a normal house with decent acreage.

In any case, my pink eye will shed a tear today to honor the King. It will also shed tears just because I have pink eye, but that’s beside the point.

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  1. Who knew that you loved Elvis ~ not me. I had a huge crush on him when I was a pre-teen. We lived in Paris when he was in the Army, stationed in Germany. One Saturday when we were shopping at the base (which we did every Saturday) there was a buzz of rumors that he was there. Much to my disappointment, he never showed. I moved on to Paul Anka, then to the Beatles.:love:

  2. How could you not know I loved Elvis? Although if I recall correctly (and I’ve been known not to), I believe I was at Grandma and Granddad’s visiting when Elvis died. It was the same summer Granddad allowed me to buy the Cheryl Ladd record despite the reservations he had over the album cover photo. I believe you and Dad were on vaca when Elvis died?

  3. Jen – do you recall whether Mom & Dad were on vacation at the time that Elvis died? :confused: The timing (summertime) makes sense for us being at the grandparents’ homes. Is it possible since it was close to the end of summer that you were hanging at a friend’s house instead of GGma’s while I was still at The G’s house?

  4. 28 years ago it was 1977. We lived in Sterling in 1977. I know that I was at a friend’s house when the news came on the radio that was playing in her kitchen while we were making Countrytime lemonade because it was hot outside. I remember that her kitchen was orange and yellow. :detective:

    Why does no one believe me when I remember things?

    And do not bring up Rocky. :eyebrow:

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