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Once again, I recently came to the decision to shut down my shop at Etsy and disband the blanket business I started last year. I haven’t had a sale since early April, and because of that my heart isn’t in it anymore. Add in the fact that there are literally THOUSANDS of people selling blankets of all shapes and colors, and I just don’t see myself having a niche that can be successful.

So last night as I lay awake all night (thanks, CB, for the chance to do some thinking while you cried and fussed and generally made the night miserable), I decided to let all the current listings expire over the next two months and list all my remaining fabric in the hopes of selling it all and being done forever. I enjoy making blankets, have enjoyed learning the basics of sewing, and will continue to make blankets as gifts from time to time, but the fact that sales have been DEAD DEAD DEAD make it less fun than it should be.

So I get to work this morning, log in to my email, and what do I see? I made a sale at Etsy this morning. A woman bought one of my lovey blankets.


EVERY TIME I decide to end the business, I make a sale. EVERY TIME. I guess I should threaten to quit once a week – I’ll get more sales that way, I’m sure.

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  1. it doesn’t hurt to keep your products on the site to see if they sell while also selling your stock of fabrics, just don’t make anything new.

  2. I wanted to buy one of your baby blankets on etsy. how can i access it as i don’t see the shortcut on your blog anymore

  3. Mimi – I removed the shortcut because it created a LOT of lagtime loading in the sidebar. But I just sent you an email! Thanks!

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