It Keeps Going and Going!

I totally thought I’d wake up this morning to see a gain on the scale. Not that I ate a lot yesterday – I had two pieces of toast for breakfast, a Lean Cuisine panini with a small bag of chips for lunch, a salad for dinner, a cupcake for dessert and a small bowl of popcorn for a snack. But I just felt like I’d show 1/2 pound up or something this morning.

NOT SO!!! DOWN 1/2 a pound! WOO HOOO!!!

Today is the start of Weight Watchers here at work. I’ll be there long enough to weigh in but then I have to go to a client’s house to drop off some documents, and then I need to race home and get my frozen lunches (which are currently sitting on top of the kitchen counter because I forgot them due to CootieGirl dramatics this morning).

I’m happy to report that since starting on the meds and their crazy ridiculous diet (yes, I still think 1,300 calories a day is ridiculous), I’ve lost 5 pounds. That’s 5 pounds in two weeks. CRA-ZEE.

And heh. I just realized that everytime I update my tracker it updates EVERYWHERE I’ve posted it – including old posts. So I’m sure when people come in to read old posts about my weight loss they’ll be totally confused that the tracker doesn’t reflect what I’m talking about in the post. “She says she’s lost 10 pounds, then why does it say she’s lost 14? I don’t get it!”

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  1. Woo hoo! Forgot to mention earlier that I’m going to WW meetings too. They help me a lot with accountability. The program is good too!

  2. I’m actually not going to following an actual WW diet – I’m just counting calories a la the medical weight loss study. The WW is merely to have that weekly accountability (since my medical study is only a once-a-month weigh-in). Although judging by the one-point snacks the WW people brought in today, I may be buying some of those – they looked GOOD.

  3. That’s what I thought, but the program IS good and those one-point snacks ARE yummy (even though a little pricey)!!

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