It Can’t Be Over!

What a weekend I had, folks. I can’t even begin to describe it. First of all, it was like high school all over again (have I mentioned lately I *hated* high school?). But once the drama subsided it was a good time had by all. Will I go to another party like this? Not bloody likely. But it was still a fun weekend overall.

On Friday one of the girl’s from the Buffy board flew in from Seattle and I drove her and Ace up to Connecticut that night. It was a fun car ride because Jennifer insisted on sharing her awful spider stories (I’m arachniphobic as well – c’mon, haven’t you read my “about me” page yet?). The long drive was rewarded with a nice hotel room down the road from the party. We checked in, dumped out bags, and promptly drove over to the Party House.

There were SO many people there – at least 30, if not 40. I honestly didn’t take a full count. The attendees ranged in age from 14 to 60 or so. Two moms were kind enough to escort their daughters to the party, which was cool of them (I’m not sure I’d do it for my kid – I’d just tell her no, she’s not going). We all just sat around talking, listening to music, dancing – there was really very little Buffy-related time over the weekend.

On Saturday morning we got up bright and early and headed out to the casino. Four of us went – Ace, Ste and Ski, and me. I began with $100 on a roulette board and walked away with $44. Yes, I was down $66. ARG. Next to me was Ski, who had NEVER played roulette before. He began with $100 and walked away with $194. SO not fair! Next we hit the slot machines. I didn’t play, but Ace promptly lost $40, and Ste promptly won $50. What’s up with that? We headed back to the roulette board so I could try to win my money back. I laid down $60 and walked away with zero. My total loss on the day was $115. I was prepared to lose $120, so I saved $5. Ski ended up losing $80 of his $150 profit at that point, so he ended up only $70 on the day. But he was excited about roulette and wants to play again sometime.

Back to the Party House that afternoon the highlight was riding in a little two-seater airplane that one of the guys had flown down for the party. It was SO much fun! I could have stayed up there all day and wished it was the kind of plane that allowed a barrel-roll. But he tilted the plane as much as he could, which was awesome.

So I met a lot of people that I hadn’t really talked to on the boards, and they were mostly fabulous people. In particular, the women from California rocked, and Ace and I totally plan on flying out there next year to hang out with them again.

We had a situation with our hotel – we found out that other Party people staying there had CHEAPER RATES. So upon check-out we complained and they finally took $30 off the total bill. That was $10 less than I hoped for, but at that point I’d take anything.

A fun weekend, but boy am I tired. I was asleep by 9:30 last night. This morning I realized that I left a brand-new Tupperware container WITH a full loaf of bread in it in the hotel room. So my $30 savings in hotel room will cover the loss of my $30 Tupperware. NOT happy about that.

On with the day now…

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  1. Notice it’s Ace and I plan on flying out to hang out in Cali. I guess Denis is stuck watching the mutt chew through more pillows. I don’t think so. I’m either going to California or the mutt’s being kenneled. Where’s my vacation?

  2. You can come to Cali if you want – in fact I told Ace yesterday while driving home that you’d probably want to come since you liked LA when we were there in 1997.

  3. I hear that Cooper is a whiz with bed corners.

    By the way Jaynee, if you walked to the roulette table with $100 but left with $44, then you only lost $56 and not $66. I think that will change the whole math thing in the rest of your story…

    …Yeah, you saved $4.

  4. Did I mention my low grades in Math in high school? I was NOT a good student from Grade 9-12. =(

    Oh no wait…that’s a TYPO – that’s right. I meant to type $56 but my finger slipped.

    Yeah, that’s it.

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