Okay, so I weighed myself this morning. Ugh. NOT happy with the number. Let’s just say I gained back some of the 17 pounds I lost at the beginning of the year.

As I said in my post yesterday, if I can lose 10 pounds by November I’ll be satisfied. Add another 5 by December and I’ll be thrilled. Hopefully being diligent about going to the Y and working out will enable me to do it. I flipped through the class schedules last night and selected a few classes that I’m going to try at least once, including spinning, an aqua fitness class, an abs class, basic yoga and pilates. They also have circuit training similar to “Curves” which I’ll try. From there I’ll decide which two or three I’ll keep in rotation between swimming, treadmill and elliptical trainer. As for swimming, since I have an issue about putting my face in water (an issue I didn’t have as a kid) I’ll see if I can borrow my neighbor’s facemask and snorkel for the winter so that I can swim non-panicked laps with my face in the water.

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