Is That The Tooth Fairy I Hear?

Last night as I was doing something in the kitchen, CootieGirl came over and said, “Mama, I have a loose tooth.” I laughed, because for the past month CG has been desperate to lose her first tooth since the kids in her kindergarten class are starting to lose theirs.

“Oh you do, do you?” I asked. “Open up!”

She dutifully opened her mouth and I began poking at a few of her teeth. Sure enough – one of her bottom teeth is loose! VERY loose – as in, may-come-out-this-week loose! I gave her a hug and told her I was excited for her. I offered her a piece of fudge (I made fudge for this weekend’s party and was in the process of cutting it up when she showed me her tooth). She took a bite and then said, “Daddy told me I shouldn’t eat anything hard or crunchy.” She looked at the fudge, which had only just come out of the fridge and was cold and hard.

“That’ll soften up in a minute,” I told her. “But you should be eating CHEWY things – that’ll help loosen up that tooth!”

I contemplated giving her a Tootsie Roll or something, but she got sidetracked with an urge to color, and the tooth was mostly forgotten. Whenever I looked over at her, though, her tongue was pushing on that tooth almost constantly.

I predict it’ll be gone by Friday.

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