Is That Really Considered “Old School”?

I’ve been meaning to tell this story for a couple weeks. At church a few Sundays ago, as we were breaking down the equipment, a gaggle of teenagers were standing near the stage talking about music. As teenagers do, they were trying to one-up each on how cool they were based on the music they listened to. I heard references to many bands in many genres, with the others all keeping up with their, “Oh yeah, they’re great”s and “I love that band!”

Then, one kid says, “I love Weezer. But not new Weezer – I like their old school stuff, like that Buddy Holly song.”

It was at that moment when I realized I am old. I don’t consider Buddy Holly Song to be Old School. It only came out 12 years ago, for heaven’s sake. And it’s still a relevant song today, given the lyrics. But for these teens, these teens who are 15 and 16 years old now, that song came out when they were toddlers. So of course it’s old school to them. And the retro music video doesn’t help.


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  1. We’re not old school. We’re just old. But we’ll grow old gracefully together, listening to the latest Weezer CD (not album).

  2. I had conversation with someone two days ago and they said something along the lines of “Back in the Day” referring to 1990. Turns out she is 22. How old does that make me feel. Ommphf

  3. I was at the grocery store and noticed the sign announcing the year you had to have been born in order to buy alcohol. It said 1986, which made me feel really old at that moment.

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