1. I was just in the midst of changing the banner to the correct graphic, which is why it probably didn’t come up for you.

    And I’m working on getting the old look back – it’ll take me a while though. I just now finished bringing in all my links and stuff from the other format.

  2. I suspect this green won’t last very long. Jaynee tends to start with puke green when she designs a site then moves to a pleasant color. I’ll push that move along this weekend, in case he hasn’t been done by then.

  3. I was just going to say that denis! Cootiehog originally started as a really bad green color – so it’s fitting that the new format starts out that way as well. =)

  4. You’re hilarious.

    Looks great. I may hit you up for tips when I migrate mine – I would think some general stuff would help despite my resistance to MT in choosing pMachine.

  5. Daniel, have no fear – the crazy-colored Cootiehog as you knew it will return in some fashion – it’ll just take me a while as I move the old pages into the new format – then I can make a global update to ALL the pages and VOILA – polka-dots or some other pattern will return!

  6. Jaynee, Do I know you?
    Have you ever been to St Louis?
    If yes, hit me up on ICQ: 136547585.
    If not – sorry you just remind me of someone.

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