Is It So Wrong?

It it so wrong that all of a sudden I have really started to enjoy the tv show Two Guys, a Girl and a Pizza Place that is now being shown in re-runs on WE network? I admit that I watched the show when it ran the first time around. But now I’m addicted to it. It’s partly because of Ryan Reynolds, who is probably my next fake boyfriend to get added to the list. I had a crush on him when the show was on the first time because his character was pretty funny (funny is always good). Now I see that he’s in the remake of “The In-Laws” starring Albert Brooks and Michael Douglas. YAY to getting work again! Hopefully this will help him blow up large – he’s a great up-and-coming comedic actor (the movie “Van Wilder” notwithstanding).

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  1. Why, yes, it is wrong. And if I was your mom, I’d tell you to watch less television and do more crafts. I know, you’re probably waiting for me to print out more photos to paste into your scrapbook, plus you’d be able to create more interesting pages if we got the DIY channel and you could watch “Scrapbooking.” *lol*

  2. Okay. So Ryan Reynolds is just adorable I agree. I love that show too, except I could have done with just the two guys. The girl gets on my nerves.

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