Is It Saturday?

I feel like I’ve had a full weekend already.

Last night we took the kids to see a play at Imaginon. It was called “The Best Christmas Pageant Ever” and it was about an hour long. The story revolves around a church pageant that is infiltrated by the meanest kids in town. We had balcony seats and the kids seemed to enjoy it very much.

Once we got home we let CootieGirl set up a “tent” in her room (really it was her comforter slung between her bed and her dresser) and she slept on the floor under the tent. CootieBoy briefly thought about joining her but opted to sleep in his comfy bed instead. Impressively, CG did sleep there on the floor all night long. I figured she’d wake up at some point and get in bed, but she didn’t.

This morning upon waking up I almost immediately got to work on three custom blanket orders. I managed to get the last one done about half an hour ago. Two of them were done for a local woman, so it’s just a matter of getting up with her to give them to her. The other one will get shipped on Monday and should arrive with plenty of time until Christmas (the woman is giving the blanket to her husband for Christmas).

My next mission is to begin working on the annual Christmas letter. I thought I had already started the initial letter back in the summer, but we can’t find it on the home computer, so we’re going to start from scratch again. Then I’ll finish up wrapping the Christmas gifts and put those under the tree.

What happened to having restful Saturdays???

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