Is It Really Almost February?

So I uploaded a new theme to Cootiehog and promptly discovered that in IE it wasn’t appearing properly and that a couple plugins were no longer functional. I took those wonky ones away and we are back in business. You didn’t really need to know what I was renting from Netflix, did you?

The new header photo is courtesy of Cootieboy, who built a birdhouse feeder in Cub Scouts and wrote a nice note for any birds that might come visit for food. That boy rocks. And yes, I will be keeping that birdhouse feeder forever.

I took a day off from work this week because we have a window in our house that needs replacing and the glass guy was going to come and take measurements. Net result: I get to take another day off next week for him to come back and install the new window. YAY for random days off from work!

I’ll also be taking a day in early February to go help my 98-yr-old grandmother pack up her house and move. I had hoped she’d come visit my town and see what it has to offer, but she was charmed by a place up in Winchester, VA near my parents, and will be moving in very quickly. A few of us will be converging on her current home to help pack up the things she wants to take with her, and burn donate the rest.

It really is a shame I can’t access Cootiehog from work because I’d say at least every other day something happens and I think, “I need to post about this!” and then I get home and life gets in the way and then a couple days go by, and then a couple more, and next thing I know it has been two weeks since my last post and I can’t remember the events that I wanted to post about.

A few bullet points then:

  • Sad that “Chuck” is officially over. The finale was last night and while I was a bit disappointed by it (especially compared to previous finales in the series), I’ll still miss that show a lot.
  • I recently procured some nail stamping stuff and painted my nails for the first time in months (once they become short again I don’t paint them, and then only just now got long enough to be paint-worthy). Nail stamping = awesome. I’ll try to remember to post pictures.
  • I am officially eligible to upgrade my phone. I “upgraded” my phone a couple years ago but the new phone I got was terrible, so I quickly switched back to my Blackberry, which is now ANCIENT. I’m contemplating the Motorola Atrix this time around.
  • We’re gathering our tax docs and I’m hopefully that we can get them done earlier rather than later. Last year I think we waited until late March. In a perfect world, I’ll be turning them in next week. We’ll see…
  • Our desktop computer recently broke. It started running slow and then it just stopped altogether. Despite numerous attempts to fix it, today we plan on reinstalling the operating system and starting over from scratch. Sadly, we’ll be losing a lot of programs that we have on there (and still use regularly) that we don’t have the software for anymore.
  • A couple years ago I swore that if Snow Patrol ever went on tour in America again (which they rarely do) then I’d go. Sure enough, they are doing a brief two-month tour this spring. I have purchased my ticket to the show in Atlanta and will be going with a former work pal who now lives there. We are both VERY excited about the show (and the opportunity to hang out).
  • That’s about it for now. Hope your January was a good start to the year! Onward, February!

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