Is It Me…Or Does James Bond Suck?

I just watched “Die Another Day” a while ago. That movie sucked. Why? Let me count the ways. Actually, there’s just two:

1) Awful double entendre
2) Awful Ah-nuld-like action double entendres

Yeah, the action scenes were great, the gadgets were cool, and Pierce and Halle looked gorgeous. But if I had to hear another stupid line of dialogue I was gonna turn the thing off.

Double entendre can be fun – but in small doses. Not once in every scene. A laser almost cuts Halle Berry in half, she cries out, “Hurry or else I’ll be half the girl I used to be.” Ugh. What, did George Lucas write this dialogue? Because it was almost as bad as the painful-to-watch “love” scenes Precious George wrote for Padme and Anakin his “Attack of the Clones” Star Wars movie.

I have little patience for truly bad writing. The acting on “Buffy” may have been a bit melodramatic at times, but the writing was generally smart and crisp. And didn’t waste my time with supposedly witty snappy comebacks. The comebacks on “Buffy” actually were witty and snappy.

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  1. You are kidding about the writing on Buffy, right?

    Hey, no more puke green. Whoo Hoo!!! Now it’s depressing gray. *lol* battleship gray?

  2. Denis, of course she’s not kidding. Come on…you’ve been married to her for 6 years and have a daughter together and you still don’t realize that she thinks Buffy is the best TV show ever?


  3. Did they end up in the water? Every James Bond movie I have seen (most of them, though it wasn’t my idea to see them) they ended up in the water.

  4. Chewie, half the movie took place in some icelandic area – and of course the ice MELTS in the movie. And of course if Halle Berry is in the movie you HAVE to put her in a bikini, so there are also ocean scenes.

    Holy cow – I jsut rmember – the OPENING SCENE is of James Bond surfing…

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