Introducing Cootiepie!

Well, it’s official – our little Cootiepie has her own website now. We bought the rights to yesterday and plan on beginning her own blog. In the meantime, that blog has been created and can be found for the time being here. Once is official we’ll move ALL of the CootieGirl-related posts to that website.

I’m also confident that I’ll have Cootiehog switched over to MoveableType in the next couple of days. Yesterday it took forever to figure it out, and I’m in no mood to mess with it again today, so perhaps tomorrow I’ll sit down and reconfigure it for Cootiehog.

And if I see that Barilla pasta commercial with the hot chef one more time today I think I’m gonna go nuts. I mean, I desperately want him to be a fake boyfriend, but can’t find ANY information on the commercial. *sigh*

2/15/2008 UPDATE FOR SEARCH ENGINE SEARCHERS: Want to know who the Barilla Pasta guy is in that commericial? Check out this post for the answer!

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  1. Not sure what help I can be to you with MT today, but it’s good to see that Cootiehog is back online. No Cootiepie yet though.

  2. LMAO!! Hi…..I don’t know you but I as well am obsessed with that Barilla commercial, that is if ur talking about the one where the guy keeps running into that girl n then when he finally sees her in the restaurant he demands to make her meal n brings it to her…..he looks just like my brothers friend who I want ever so badly even tho i have a bf heh…so now im obssessed with the commercial and im sittin here at 3:31am lookin it up….now i dont feel so bad tho knowing someone else likes it heh…..if u find something on it u must please email me..i was tryin to download it on kazaa but i cant find it anywhere…hehe just thought id write all this lol….see ya


  3. I know what you’re going through with that Barilla guy. Phew he’s hot! I’ve looked for hours everywhere and can’t find info either. I’ll keep looking until I find someone hotter or I get a chance to record the ad. 😉
    please e-mail if you find info

  4. Wow, I can’t believe there are other people looking for that commercial too, that chef is so hot! I really want to know the song they play, I think it’s Andrea Bocelli.

  5. Oh yeah, I enjoy that commercial. I want that blonde woman’s hairstyle. I was hoping to find out something on both the guy and the gal.
    Geez, I feel better that I’m not the only one who likes that pasta commercial!!

  6. Scucarme……… 🙂

    Hi all –

    Found this board because I, like the rest of you, were trying to find out info on “That Barilla Guy” (as I call him). He is so cute…….
    The entire commercial is romatically appealing –
    chance meeting, eyes meet, another chance meeting, he serves her…….I luv it. Glad you all do too……


  7. Does anyone know how to find that commercial? I want to show my husband because he looks just like that guy. I’m a very lucky girl!!!


  9. Someone, if you find out ANYTHING about “the Barilla guy” (hee hee.. that’s what I’ve been calling him too!), PLEASE send an email my way?? I absolutely melt when that commercial comes on the air…

  10. okay-i hear everyone at work talking about this hottie. so does anyone know where i can find a pic of him? he may be the man of my dreams!!!!!!

  11. Scusamrme…

    Hi all – I checked the Barilla pasta website and found the following page wherein you can leave an email inquiry with regard to the commercial. I attempted to do so but my old computer program did not have the right javascript. I hope one of you pursues this and let the rest of us know what you find out about the Barilla Guy.




  12. I know you’re not talking about the one where the guy leaves spaghetti on that chick’s doorstep, and then she looks out her window and he looks up from his paper and he’s like, “I’m still watching you.” That barilla guy is creepy. The new gray haired guy is alot less creepy in his love pursuits through pasta

  13. OMG!!! Someone PLEASE tell me who that barilla guy is. I thought that I was weird because I stop whatever I am doing to watch that commercial!! That gray haired guy is so so YUM! I am just glad that I am not the only one who is interested.

  14. LOL. That commercial is so cheesy it’s hilarious everytime i see it. When the chef gets to the table & presents the platter of cooked boxed tortellini, he gives the cute blonde girl this smug “remember-me?-look-at-my-tortellini-i-cook-for-you-now-let-me-in-your-panties” look all awhile Andrea Bocelli’s ‘Mille Lune Mille Onde’ plays in the backround. Now that commercial is all i’ll think about whenever i hear that music. LOL

  15. I contacted the Barilla company and they said that they cannot give the pasta guy’s name out because it is against their contract. This majorly sucks!!! That guy is so hot!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. Ok guys! I am so excited to see other people that are crazy about the Barilla guy! Naturally I’m doing a search trying to find out who he is and I end up here. Sign! Could a commercial get any more perfect and can a guy get any more gorgous. I love Andrea Bocelli too. I just saw the newer one where the other guy delivers pasta. It’s ok, but teh man with the stell colored hair is the BEST! I heard the music come on and ran in to see the Barilla guy and it wasn’t the same commercial. They need to change the music for that one so I dont run in unecessarily!

  17. Oh my gosh. I have been searching the web to find out who this Barilla guy is, and I find a message board with women who fantasize about this guy as much as I do. This is too funny!

  18. oh …that guy in the Barilla commercial…whew! I have never been the type at all do have a ‘thing’ for people on TV but this guy..WHEW! He is sooo handsome! oh my!!

  19. “Scucarme…”

    This is all I could find so far on the net related to that Barilla Guy………. (happy commercial viewing!!!)

    Barilla cooks up a storm in U.S. aisles
    By James Cox, USA TODAY

    NEW YORK — Italian pastamaker Barilla threw its noodles into the crowded U.S. market in 1996. They boiled to the top just three years later………….

    That’s not the entire story.

    Serving an image

    Barilla has seized on America’s fascination with Italian culture, cooking and lifestyle. The company’s TV ads trumpet its product as “the choice of Italy” and make masterful use of Italian imagery. The spots are 30-second romances — an American woman makes smoldering eye contact with a mysterious Italian hunk who serves up pasta — all set to lush vocals by tenor Andrea Bocelli.

    “We were looking for a fantasy,” Pereira says. “You have a mom at home with a 3-year-old running around with a full diaper. Where did all the romance go? Here’s a commercial that brings a romantic notion to life.”……………….

  20. The Barilla Guy could become the next Coke Guy, (Lucky), although he is much more appealing. I only hope that Barilla realises that they have a gold-mine on their hands, and use him in many more ads. He’s got the looks, that when a shopper is in the pasta aisle at the market, his face is sure to pop in your mind when you see the blue & red box of Barilla pasta. Heck, when I get to see the comercial I can’t get him out of my mind for hours. Maybe he should break his contract w/Barilla, this guy could sure do a lot more than sell tortellini.

  21. OMG!!! I wish that this guy was in more commercials!!!!!!!!! I have never in my life seen someone as handsome and romantic as he is. Barilladreams is right. He should break his contract with Barilla. I wonder if he even knows how many people think of him!

  22. All of my friends make fun of me because I’m always talking about that barilla commercial, and humming the song. I LOVE it!! It makes me want to go to italy. Last summer I went to a pilgrimage to Poland and I met a guy from Italy…and I am not lying when I say that he looks sooo much like the barilla guy! Yeah thats right, there ARE beautiful men like that in Italy. They both have that handsome charming look. AHHH…sigh…I love that commercial.

  23. Hello,
    I too think he is a hottie and that commercial seems so romantic but I am trying to find the name of the song that is being sung during it. It simply caught my ear .Does anyone know the name of it?????Please let me know if you do ….so let’s go swim in spagetti LOLOL …and dream

  24. I too love the Barilla commerical. I also stop what I’m doing to watch. I’m soooooooo glad to find out who sings the song. Can’t wait to go out and buy the album. Thanks to all of the Barilla fans.

  25. You are all crazy, I want to know the name of the blond girl, she is hot hot hot!!!! especially with that smile…..


  26. I agree that Blonde chick is super hott!! She makes the commercial, that smile will melt the biggest iceburg. I always use Barilla. LoL

  27. This is ridiculous. I think we have all seen this commercial, and in our pursuit of more info have all landed here. I love that man!! He may only be meant to fulfill a mother’s fantasy and make her buy pasta, but he is one of the most gorgeous men I have ever seen. Ah, love through TV commercials!

  28. I cant believe so many ppl like barilla commercials. Im trying to find out who sang the song in the commercial in which the guy leaves the pasta at the womans door step. I have to stop whatever im doing to watch the commercial. Please let me know

  29. I thought i already posted this but here goes… THE NAME OF THE SONG IS..Mille Lune Mille Onde , by Andrea Bocelli, on his album, Cieli di Toscana, have a great day all.

  30. Thanks for listing the song. It’s the best commercial ever! It stops you in your tracks when you hear the song and see the hot chef! Who is he? I’m looking everywhere and sent an e-mail to Barilla for info.

  31. Okay I am joining the hunt. That Barilla guy is who? Have we ever figured it out yet. I do know I am a big fan of Trading Spaces and he looks like one of the Designers. I just know it can’t be Doug there is just something quite not right.

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