Into The Woods

So we just got back from seeing “Into The Woods” on Broadway. I’ve seen the original starring Bernadette Peters, and while the new production is slightly different the play is still just as enjoyable. Vanessa Williams did a great job, considering who’s (whose?) shoes she was filling. The cool thing was that we originally had tickets for the front row in the left orchestra, which in itself was pretty great. But when we got there it turned out that one of our tickets was for a phantom seat (meaning the fourth seat in a row of three).

We were instructed to go to the box office to trade them in. I had visions of us being in the back row. But we totally lucked out and got seated in the front row in the middle orchestra – so basically we were dead center. I could have kicked the conductor in the head I was so close (not that I would have, you understand, that was just to illustrated that we were that close). So the play was even more fun that it would have otherwise been.

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  1. I love Into the Woods. I’m glad you enjoyed it…

    Hmmm…maybe I’ll watch that video tonight!

  2. I absolutely love Broadway musicals! I am so jealous you live near the real Broadway. Whenever I am in NY, I go every night I can. Whenever was only twice but I did see 7 musicals.

  3. Wow – that’s a lot of plays in two visits to NYC! Denis and I used to go a lot more than we do now – living in NJ and owning a dog has cramped the social life a bit, but we’re hoping to see more plays this year since once we have kids our social life will be diminished even further!

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