Interview Was Good. Up Against Dozens. Yep – Dozens.

I’m back from my interview this morning! It went really, REALLY well (I know – I’ve said that before, haven’t I?)!

The only bad part – she said that they received hundreds of resumes and that they are interviewing dozens of candidates. Yep, you read that right. Dozens. Let’s say by dozens she means 3 dozen (if it was only two dozen she would have said, “we’re interviewing a couple dozen candidates”), that’s 36 other people that they are interview. Those aren’t good odds – especially when it’s possible that they are interviewing 48 people. Blerg.

However, I gave GREAT answers to her questions. I could tell she was really pleased because during the second part of the interview, in which she told me more details about the position and department, she kept reiterating back to me all the things I said in my answers, and even chimed in about a couple things that I told her about that she didn’t even think about for this position, but that would be good have.

I then met with two other managers, and gave very similar answers to their questions. They asked about my weaknesses – I hate that question. I gave an answer that is typically seen as a no-no, but was able to circle around and end with a proper answer. When I was done with them I was handed back to the main manager, to whom I quickly relayed the no-no answer to defray any damage done with the other two managers. What was awesome? She laughed, and said she thought my answer was hilarious. THAT was very cool. Fortunately, she seems to be the main decision-maker for this job opening, so the fact that she liked my answer is enough for me.

She advised me to call back in a couple weeks to get an update as to where they are in the process. Wednesday, October 28 is officially marked on my Blackberry calendar. With any luck I’ll hear a positive word from them before that though.

I’m working up my thank you email to the manager, which I’ll send after lunch. Excited!

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