In With a Roar, Out With a Whimper

The weekend was so good! We got the last of the landscaping done, the kids behaved ALL weekend, and we had a good day yesterday (we went out to lunch and hit Rita’s for some italian ices). But as great as the weekend was, it ended poorly.

It gets graphic. You have been warned.

CootieBoy has been vomiting all night. He started around 2 a.m. He came in our room and said his stomach felt bad. I sent him back to bed with a quick kiss. Fifteen minutes later he ran in, vomit spilling all over our carpet. I instructed him to run into the bathroom, but Denis just happened to be using the facilities and so CootieBoy had to run for HIS bathroom. Didn’t make it in time – more vomit, this time on the hallway carpet. And the floor NEXT to the toilet in his bathroom. And on his feet. Lots of undigested spagetti and meatballs which he had for dinner.

It’s now 5:27 a.m. and the boy has been vomiting every 20-30 minutes for the past several hours. He has a fever and basically feels like crap. Poor little guy. At this point he’s only vomiting bile – there are no contents left in his stomach. But apparently his stomach disagrees and is trying to purge something, anything.

Oh, I hear him running for the bathroom right now upstairs, so let me run to help him.

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