Jane here. Not Denis (even though the post will list Denis as the author).

Well, we’re in Northern Virginia this weekend so that family can meet CootieGirl and I can celebrate my birthday (which was yesterday). We drove through torrential rain to get here, but it was worth it. Denis and I got a night out to ourselves while Marmie and Aunt Jen babysat CootieGirl. We went to Old Glory for dinner then popped in to the theater across the street and saw “Finding Nemo”. YAY for Finding Nemo! I’m so glad that Denis finally got to see it (and he liked it almost as much as I do).

Today my pal KJ is coming over to see the baby, then Denis and I are off in search of antiques and flea market bargains. He and I like the table my mom bought last month at World Market, so we’re gonna see if it’s on sale for us as well.

Tonight my mom’s family and the P’s comes over to meet CootieGirl, which should also be fun. My dad’s mom was going to try and come up to see her as well, but I don’t think she could make it since she was already here earlier in the week.

Well, I have to go finish getting ready before KJ gets here.

CootieGirl note: We now call her Scootiepie since she scoots all over her bassinet. She doesn’t like staying put in one place anymore and is constantly in motion!

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