In For a Busy Week

I was just contemplating my week and by this coming Sunday I think I’m going to be exhausted. Tonight I’ll be by myself with the kids since Denis is meeting up with his pal Ray in NYC to watch the football game. Tomorrow I have church band rehearsal. Wednesday is our church small group. Thursday Ace & Anthony come over for Survivor night. Friday Denis is hanging out with some more buddies for happy hour in NYC so I’ll be with the kids alone that night as well. And Saturday is Poker Night over at A&A’s. By Sunday afternoon I think I’ll want to collapse in a heap.

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  1. Shouldn’t be so bad. CootieGirl goes to bed around 7 o’clock, then you just have to make sure little CootieBoy settles down for a few hours. Worked okay for me this past Friday.

  2. Well, I was thinking that we may back out of Survivor night this week. Anthony and I may have to TiVo it. Since we are hosting poker night this Saturday, Anthony and I will need time to prepare and shop. Since Anthony didn’t get home till 11 last night and probably wont be home this evening, I am thinking Thursday will be the night to do those things. This way we aren’t running around on Friday Night and Saturday Morning. I am not 100% sure we are going to cancel this Thursday, not till I talk with Anthony, but I would say we are at 80%-20% right now.

    So, if we do cancel, you can rest up on Thursday.